Kona Star Farms is located on the West Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii in the center of the Kona Coffee District on 35 acres of mountainside at an altitude of 1700 to 2100 feet. Kona, Hawaii is approximately 2400 miles west of California, USA and 3800 miles east of Japan.

Hawaii is a beautiful place to live and the Big Island of Hawaii is the most unspoiled and beautiful of all the islands. The Big Island is very private and isolated. But, we have an international Airport in Kailua Kona with service to any-place in the world.

The state of Hawaii is composed of 5 major islands. The State Capital is located on the Island of Oahu which is the most populated island and where the ocean port of Honolulu is located, Kona Star is located on the Big Island of Hawaii which is the largest island with mostly agriculture and is the least populated of all the islands. Kona Star is a Wholesale only Supplier of Green Coffee to Gourmet Roasters around the world.