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ebook permis fluvial “Kona Star is primarily a wholesale supplier of Green Coffee to Roasters around the world. Coffee Excellence at a reasonable price is the goal of every coffee producer at the farm and the retail level.” Quality is also what separates Specialty Coffee from other coffees. Excellence and Cup quality is that perfect marriage of the many characteristics of coffee that results in a cup that makes the consumer say “That is the best coffee I have ever had!!” At Kona Star, we have found that we can meet these two objectives, Product Excellence and Price but only by very careful attention to each stage of the coffee bean process, from the tree to the bag.

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Kona Star Farms is located on the West Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii in the center of the Kona Coffee District on 35 acres of mountainside at an altitude of 1700 to 2100 feet. Kona, Hawaii is approximately 2400 miles west of California, USA and 3800 miles east of Japan. Hawaii is a beautiful place to live and the Big Island of Hawaii is the most unspoiled and beautiful of all the islands...
Approximately 20,000 Coffee Trees with more trees being planted each year Approximately 350,000 pounds of cherry coffee harvested each year with the current trees Approximately 550 – One Hundred
pound bags of green coffee produced each year from the current crop of cherry, this will increase as more trees reach production. Complete Wet Mill which incorporates the newest...

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1000 pounds of cherry coffee will produce approximately 220 pounds of dry Parchment. This is due to weight loss in removal of the skin and mucilage during the Wet Mill process and the weight loss due to the difference in moisture content. 220 pounds of dry parchment will produce approximately 176 pounds of green coffee. This is due to weight loss in removal of the inner...

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